Happy Easter everybody!

Got this Quilapayun LP yesterday and am floored by it as expected. I LOVE Chilean folk and nueva cancion groups, but they are always a standout for me. Buy any of their albums you can get your hands on!


Pillow Talk by Sylvia

cant tell you how much i love this song, and sylvia as an artist. producer, musician, singer, record label owner/executive just an all around inspiring individual!!

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Found this sweet hands on review of #IAHRQ self titled LP while digging at @vinylsolutionhb for #rsd14 “makes me almost want to live in Bakersfield”

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I really think this one ranks as my all time fav T&E bit

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i like all the things about me

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listening to my friends spin records/play live on the radio, always makes me feel like im home;)
makes me feel like im in the room, enjoying everyones company.
its seriously the best.

if you want to hear two great radio shows every week, check out:


two of my dear friends have weekly programs,

MAMA LYNN is on Mondays nights 10-12pm

AND HEALING PROPRTIES is on Thursday nights 10-12pm

music from bakersfield that is not what you would expect, and just all around amazing selections and good good buddies!

My cat is literally like “stop, get off your computer, get off tumblr”

#thursdayafternoon by #BrianEno a “video painting” on #VHS had to turn my tv on its side for this one, it’s in vertical format! #Eno


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#davidlynch overload today 🎬

John Waters X David lynch…. Two gurus

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Think I might fire up my laserdisc copy of this tonight!


Real comments and notes from a test screening of David Cronenberg’s Videodrome.  More here at the Criterion Collection Site.

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