My Mac booted up again after getting the dreaded question mark folder and clicking hard drive, and I’m too happy, I’m backing it up now, THANK YOU BASED GOD🙏

Just cause they have in-and-outs in Texas and Arizona or whatever….(and Utah? LOL) we all know and recognize that it’s a California thing and will always be, because that’s where the first one was and so on and so forth….

Kraftwerk - Computer Love - YouTube ›

Too many feels for this song tonight, ps, RIP MacBook

RIP my MacBook……2009-2014
It’s been a good run but fuck if I’m not tripping out right now.

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Cosmic brothers

Going to look for some straight jobs today, wish me luck, I’m gonna need it. Hahaha, gonna need to get my positive mental attitude on, my PMA (bad brains voice)



I came from nothing

YouTube killed the Ukulele

Andrew Koeth

Scented toilet paper is really weird and I 100% do not support it.


Dead Ringers (1988) David Cronenberg


Happy Easter everybody!

Got this Quilapayun LP yesterday and am floored by it as expected. I LOVE Chilean folk and nueva cancion groups, but they are always a standout for me. Buy any of their albums you can get your hands on!


Pillow Talk by Sylvia

cant tell you how much i love this song, and sylvia as an artist. producer, musician, singer, record label owner/executive just an all around inspiring individual!!

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Found this sweet hands on review of #IAHRQ self titled LP while digging at @vinylsolutionhb for #rsd14 “makes me almost want to live in Bakersfield”

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I really think this one ranks as my all time fav T&E bit

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